Hi! I'm hal evans.
I've been a teaching artist since 1993, but I've worked in and around education even longer. My passion for learning began with my parents, I'm sure. They were both educators. 

My love of writing started in Mrs. Markham's 3rd grade class. That's when my first attempt at a short story won recognition, from her student teacher, Miss Bockstanz! Maybe it was actually a crush, but that thrill transferred onto writing assignments with an eagerness that continued into 4th grade with Mrs. Morgan... and progressed toward destiny from there.

I discovered Shakespeare in 6th grade social studies, and then, IT WAS ON!
The power of words still fascinates and flabbergasts me every day. 

What do I hope young readers (of all ages) will take from this volume? 
                    Moments of fun,
                    A-ha's! bright as the sun,
           Laughter in herds, and wings like a bird's
                    to rise up and play with your words. 

                                                                  (c)2018, hal evans